The most frequent thing I get asked is, “Dwain, how do I start a business and increase my chances of it being successful?”. It’s something I spend a lot of time thinking and speaking about and I think there are relatively simple ways, you just need access to information and networks. So I’ve put together a simple, no jargon easy to follow  guide to explain what it takes to be your own boss and the best way – from what’s worked and the mistakes I’ve made as well as tips I have received from successful business owners.

This is for you if;

  • You’re serious about starting or growing a business
  • You’ve been to seminars, read books, but need that extra kick to get over the line
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself in order to have the best chance of business success

Firstly let me promise you this …. I can give you all the best advice in the world, but only YOU can truly get your business going, so if you think you’re the right person to get a business started or you’re just curious on how to do it continue reading.

Remember this Motivational books & seminars are like boxers training. It’s what you do when training stops & the fight starts that matters (click to tweet this).

I’ll add the sections as I complete them, so get reading;

  1. How do I get set for the journey of running my own business?
  2. How do you know if you got a good business idea?

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