Well it’s the 4th January 2011 and this is the birthday of my blog. 

This webblog is going to be an opportunity for me to diaritise my startsurvivegrow journey. I hope this will be an invaluable support network for people who are starting or growing a business or trying to take a new direction in life. Through recommendations and discussion blogs  members will be responsible for developing each others business/lifestyles – the motto of treat others like you would like to be treated comes to mind. 


We will take advantage of the Social Media revolution to create a community of succesful business people (with this blog being at the heart) we may end up with more power than Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg.


This is a link to my other WordPress site where I will give all the sports banter, didn’t want to include this on this site as I’m sure most of you won’t be interested, however if you are and want to have a butchers then go and visit.

If I was on Wikki ….

Well I’m not there yet, but if I was this is what they might say.


My latest venture that will see me track and meet some of the role models that have been highlighted through this blog, my twitter and my Facebook (still yet to set that up).

This will actually be the blog section of the website so I’ll fill it with content about being an entrepreneur/creating your own future as and when I can.

I buy properties

A little bit of a hint as to how I started my journey towards financial independence. Most of my passive income target will be reached through this channel. If you want to create your own passive income/property portfolio it’s not as hard or expensive as you might think. It takes a lot of hard work and determination – but those are different skills/assets.

Diary of an entrepreneur

This will be my space to diaritise what is happening. It won’t be on a daily basis, but you’ll still be able to get a sense of what I am doing on this journey.

Good links for an extra income

Few things I’ve picked up on the way that I think are a safe way to test your entrepreneurial skills. You don’t need to start a business to be an entrepreneur, try one of these tried and tested avenues to save time and lots of money.

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