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  1. Sabine Franklin

    Dear Mr. Reid,

    My name is Sabine and I am the projects lead for the Legal Skills Academy. We are a joint initiative between the Westminster Law School and the Careers and Employability Service on campus. This means that we focus on enhancing employability skills for the law students.

    I have been to a workshop of yours at our university in July, and it was wonderful! I’m reaching out because I’d like to have you come and give a similar workshop to our law students. Essentially on how to network and what to do at networking events. This year, I coordinated all of our workshops to be panel events, so that multiple legal professionals can come to speak and then stay afterwards for an hour to have conversations over refreshments. However, many students leave right after the Q&A panel part, thus, I don’t know if they understand the opportunity they have to be in the room with several partners from different law firms who are looking for new talent.

    Ideally, I would like to set something up for a Thursday evening next semester, and I can try get some light refreshments, so that there can be a networking reception afterwards (or even during your workshop). I have February 14th or February 21st from 6pm to 8pm available. Please let me know your thoughts.