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It’s hard to run a successful business, I’ve been at it for over 10 years now, I should know. There have been times when I’ve thought I’m sure being employed and working your way up the career ladder is much easier than this. I’ve been to most of the start-up business workshops, read a lot of ‘the secrets’ about growing a business, hanged around with some super successful people and have thought – maybe it’s just not meant to be for me. Where’s the “easy” route? I keep wondering.

Those are the bad days. The days when you; haven’t made as many sales as you need, think you’ve chosen the wrong business partners because they don’t understand you; lost out on that potential big client. Usually it’s at this time you need to remember why you started in the first place and the journey you’ve taken. When you get yourself through the bumps it gets better.

I love running a business, whether it be providing some of the best childcare in South-East London, hearing parents say things like “that’s the first time Johnny has been to the Zoo” or the circus or whatever trip we have put on, or when a start-up that I have worked with tells me that they wouldn’t have been where they are if it wasn’t for my encouragement, or when someone says I still do what you taught me at your networking workshop. Those are the days when I know that there is a point to what I do.

When I take the time to look back at the journey I have been on, when I think I used to dream about starting a business now I run a six figure business looking after over 100 children. I still have places to go, I want my business to be doing much better. But doesn’t everybody – that’s part of being ambitious. I love networking, creating a vision, marketing and social media. I don’t like delivering bad news, I’m not the best at organising things. It’s important to know what you are good at and where you need help.

The truth about running a successful business is; we can all do it (with the right support), it’s nowhere near as complicated as some might tell you but at the same time it’s not easy. You need to be organised, target driven and have to make sacrifices. You will lose quality time with your friends and family as you get going but will pay it back once things are more settled. There will be dark days – but celebrate the small wins on the way to your greater successes. You will certainly waste/lose some money when really you should have known better. People will let you down. You will compare yourself to the businesses and people that are doing better than you. It’s a gamble that I would definitely encourage you to consider, especially if you’re passionate about going your own way. If it feels like it’s too much, take a breather, do something you enjoy, take in some motivational content, get some advice and never ever think you’re alone.

Some other things you should know;

1. Appreciate the journey, when you reach the top of a mountain the real pride is looking back how far you’ve come
2. As soon as your gut tells you there’s a problem you’re probably right, sort it immediately, there’s no time for excuses
3. Get a mentor ASAP! This will save you lots of money, mistakes and time
4. Make sure you fully understand cash flowing in and out of your business, reduce costs and increase margins as much as you can
5. Hire people but only the right people. Hire slow, fire fast

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