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Is your to-do list forever growing? Do you spend most of your days responding to emails and never ever getting round to any real work? Do you find yourself thinking I’ve been busy but what have I really done today? That is the story for so many employees and entrepreneurs, but it’s time to stop! It’s time to control your work load and not let it control you.

First thing you’ve got to complete is that one thing you’ve been avoiding. Yes that one task that’s an ever present on your to do-list even though you know it’s important and needs to be done. It’s the task you need to do right now. You’ve already put it off more than once, you’re going to do it after lunch or after you tidy your desk or after you check your inbox. No, do it now (well after you’ve finished reading this).

If you get that most important task out of the way first thing in the morning before you’ve even opened your inbox you’ll feel better for the rest of the day. A few other things I suggest;

  1. Plan your to-do list the day/night before and mark two things that you will definitely achieve
  2. Do at least one of your two important tasks first thing, before you look at emails
  3. Whilst your working through your list turn your email and phone notifications off
  4. Reply to emails in your own time, set aside blocks for this. For example 10am – 12pm and 4pm – 5.30pm are when you check and reply to emails
  5. Let people know the best way to contact you is by phone
  6. As soon as you can – delegate it
  7. Celebrate what you have achieved each day

After adding your email to the box below go and do that thing you’ve been avoiding. Good luck.

Featured Image Credit: Mark Barner

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