1. You need to do more than just talk a good gparentaladvisoryame
Ideas are ten a penny and having all the talk in the world impresses on the streets, but not in the … boardroom. Talking might get you heard, but It’s the person that goes out and does it good that will make a lasting impression.

2. You need the right partner if you want the best sex
There’s no point getting into business with the wrong partner. Your ideal business partner(s) is someone that understands your every move and can compliment your weaknesses.

3. Need to be protected

If you’re not protected you could get a nasty shock. Business protection comes in the form of IP, contracts, insurances etc. Make sure if you’re doing lots of things you are always protected.

4. Do it for a reason, not because it’s a chore!

Similar to the big O, busiess has the big Ps – Profit and Passion. Don’t ever do business for business sake. You need to be clear what the reason is behind your business at every moment in time. Set yourself mini targets and don’t stop until you achieve them. If you loose the passion, you’ll loose your business.

5. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right
If your business is causing you too much pain and you’re not enjoying it then it might be time to change something. Maybe try coming at it from a different angle, or find a better team to work with. You should be able to find some fun in your business.

6. You need to satisfy

If your business isn’t satisfying it’s customers then pretty soon they will find someone else. If they start flirting with others you might loose them for ever. Find out what they want and give them that and more.
7. There’s more than just missionary

In business if you do not innovate, you’ll become stale. No-one likes the same routine over and over again. If business is boring do something different. Even subtle changes can improve the situation.

8. The better you are the more you’ll get
It’s really easy, but some people forget you are only as good as your last performance. Make sure that in business you are always doing a great job or the good things will be forgotten.

9. The more risky the better (disclaimer warning)

After a while you realise being safe just isn’t going to work. The better business usually come from those that do it differently and arguably are willing to take more calculated risks.

10. The longer you last the better

Business isn’t usually for a quick fix. You need to show that you can keep up the pace and handle what is thrown at you. There is no time for the one minute or here today gone tomorrow person in business.

PDF to Print and Remember In The Bedroom or Boardroom


  1. Austin Meakin

    Interesting angle on the subject, very good (and funny)!

    • dwainreid

      I must do a follow up, maybe the 50 Shades of Entrepreneur (sure it must have been done more than 100 times already though). Thanks for your comment.

  2. Shahid

    Well written piece that reminds you of the basics and a few quirky bits of advice to freshen up your outlook on business! Would definitely encourage you to write more Dwain – share your talents. Shame your an arsenal fan though 🙂

    • dwainreid

      Hi Shahid,

      Thanks for your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed the quirky reminders -I think the rules of the game don’t change, it’s just the players and the technology that changes. I’ll try and write more often 🙂

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