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How to stay motivated in your business? – 4 easy steps!!

It’s not easy staying positive when you’re trying to grow a business and that’s coming from someone that preaches the importance of keeping motivated. Every business owner knows that running a small business comes with its own ups and downs. … Read More

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How to choose a name for your business

Is there such thing as a good or bad name? What do you have to do to make sure it’s the right one? I think it’s so much more about the service you provide and brand you create, let me … Read More


How to start a business in five easy steps

With all the start-up business support available for wantrepreneurs, I’m surprised how much ‘business’ there actually is in advising people the steps necessary to start a business. It’s a question I get posed a lot of times – I’ve got … Read More

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How to get the most out of your visit to the Business Show

I absolutely love The Business Show. There are many exhibitions, start-up shows and motivational talks; I’ve been to most, but this stands out as the best on the planet. There is no other place that you will have the opportunity to … Read More

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What running a business is like .. The truth

It’s hard to run a successful business, I’ve been at it for over 10 years now, I should know. There have been times when I’ve thought I’m sure being employed and working your way up the career ladder is much … Read More

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Managing your to do list. The most important thing to do now

Is your to-do list forever growing? Do you spend most of your days responding to emails and never ever getting round to any real work? Do you find yourself thinking I’ve been busy but what have I really done today? … Read More

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Don’t waste too much time on any other marketing

I’ve got thousands of Twitter Followers, countless likes on Facebook, I Instagram like a celeb …. But still I got no customers. Are you working hard online, but struggling to get followers or convert online interest to sales? The reason … Read More


The one piece of advice every start-up needs

I get asked many times what one piece of advice I would give to people starting up in business. If I had to choose one it’s got to be “never forget that running a business is about earning money”. It goes … Read More


How do you know if you got a good business idea

How do you know if your idea is going to be successful? So you think you’ve got a good idea, but have you got an idea that’s good enough for you to exploit and turn into a profitable business? If … Read More


How to start a business

The most frequent thing I get asked is, “Dwain, how do I start a business and increase my chances of it being successful?”. It’s something I spend a lot of time thinking and speaking about and I think there are … Read More