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Today we are talking about a match between the two most popular teams in England. Manchester United Liverpool. They now face off in an FA Cup match, the oldest tournament on planet Earth. Liverpool didn’t win again, much less didn’t score and even lost for the first time in the last 68 home matches. Can we talk about some kind of crisis? Liverpool does not score four matches in a row. Klopp in this regard says that the only thing that distinguishes this team from the one that won everything, confidence, that is, self-confidence. She can return at any time, as long as the balls start flying into the goal.

The team still does everything as usual. Possesses the ball, competently holds the ball, allows almost nothing to the opponent at his goal, but the attack three does not score. Alexander Arnold does not succeed with awnings, shots, there is a problem with efficiency. It takes one victory to regain confidence, maybe even one goal, so that everything gradually begins to improve. I would not make any loud statements about the crisis here Liverpool. Chances are, things can change at any time.

Concerning Manchester United then it looks like everything is in order, but I would not say that the team made some kind of qualitative breakthrough. Two and a half months ago, Solskjaer was in the balance of resignation, but everything began to work out. Where the players did not succeed, they began to assign a penalty. Gradually the confidence returned.

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Pogba shows great football. Everything that can and cannot be hammered flies. If we compare the two teams in terms of the level of play, then it doesn’t matter Liverpool much higher. Even though Manchester United at the top of the table, and Liverpool in the middle of the table.

The game won’t be careful. Opponents will have no fear of losing, the cost of loss is not so high. There will be a loose play, not like last time. I think there will be goals. Most likely, there will be more chances here and more strikes than in the last game. Accordingly, there should be goals. You can consider the option both will score. The coefficient for this is growing.

Few people believe that there will be a productive game. Almost nothing is said about many goals, but I guess it will be more fun here than in the previous game. Both will score at 1.65, I think it’s a great option. The compositions should be, if not almost combat, then close to optimal. No wonder Klopp left Salah and Firmino on the bench. It was for that game that he prepared them. As part of MJ there will also be all the strongest on the field. The opponent commits to this.

Second option. I suppose that the winner in this pair will still come out Liverpool as a cooler team. The odds are equal, around 1.90. I guess the Merseyside go to the next round. Therefore, I will focus on two options both will score and pass Liverpool to the next round.

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