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My Story

Hi I’m Dwain, a Business and Growth Consultant, who assists businesses and organisations achieve more of their goals. I provide resources, motivation and actionable steps my clients need to boost their chances of achieving success.

I especially like to work with business owners that want:  more clarity at the start-up stage, to define their perfect customer, to come unstuck with a current business challenge and those who want help preparing for investment.  

Why me? Over 20 years, I have coached thousands of business owners including clients that have appeared on Dragons Den in the U.K, raised significant investment and/or successfully sold businesses. I’m also an entrepreneur myself with hands-on experience of growing a profitable six figure business. 

If you’re serious and ready to invest in yourself,  take action, get in touch now.



"I would highly recommend Dwain as a business coach, his advice has helped my business. He is knowledgeable, intelligent and personable. He always reminds me to “stop complaining and enjoy the ride”
Neomi Bennett
Neomi Bennet

What I do

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Business Coaching & Events

For you if you want actionable advice to get clarity, motivate you and move your small business forward.

Speaker and Facilitator

Book me to speak or facilitate at your next event and I can guarantee your audience will learn, laugh and enjoy. Over 1,000 events worth of experience.

The Ultimate Start-Up Guide

Everything I've learned in 20 years of coaching business start-ups in ONE PLACE. The only book you'll ever need on how to start and grow a business. PRE-REGISTER FOR ONE-TIME ONLY OFFER

Business Coaching and Events for You

Virtual or in-person coaching on how to improve your business thinking, systems, marketing and sales techniques.

If you’re passionate about your business, want support and advice to get you on the right track then Let’s Talk about how I can help you?

Letstalk-Dwain Reid
Let's talk about how I can help you get from where you are now, to where you want your business to be
Dwain Reid-startup accelerator
Group coaching to get you off to the perfect start in business


"Dwain was able to take my engineering background and direct me to a business minded tack where we worked to define and investigate the correct target market for my device. As a result of working with Dwain, I had a defined preliminary business plan and strategy to develop the correct product for my market."
Trevor Kerth photo
Trevor Kerth (Effie)
Coaching Client
"This was a great event to get the information and tools to get moving with my idea, Dwain is a great speaker who had lots of energy and time to dedicate to us in the group. I left feeling that I definitely benefited 100% from attending and with invaluable knowledge!"
testimonial 3
Attended Start-Up Bootcamp
"Haven't been blown away by a talk for a while but DwainReid absolutely did that! Loved the content, style and interactiveness!"
Kayode Picture from Twitter
The Business Show Attendee (Speaking Event)

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